Mozaïk-Portal - Features for Youth Sector Teachers (Web)


By the end of this training, teachers will be able to use the features of the teacher section of Mozaïk-Portal.


This training is intended for schools wishing to implement the Teacher module of Mozaïk-Portal. Teachers in general training for primary and secondary will learn how to manage all the functionalities of Mozaïk-Portal. The user will have access to a site allowing them to do exercises during the training.

  • Student file;
  • Communication tools;
  • Resource management;
  • Class plan;
  • Attendance;
  • Course outline and group planning;
  • Evaluation;
  • Active monitoring;
  • Follow-up Observation and intervention monitoring (OIM);
  • Follow-up events;
  • Student confidential files.
  • None
Targeted Clientele
  • Teachers
  • 3 h 30
    • $175 per participant plus taxes
      Minimum of 5 participants required

    Cost from July 1, 2024

    • $183.75 per participant plus taxes
      Minimum of 5 participants required

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