Mozaïk-Portal's Essentials - Adult General Education and Vocational Training (GEA/VT) (Self-Training Course)


At the end of this self-training course, teachers will be able to use the main features of Mozaïk-Portal.


This self-training course is intended for adult general education teachers and vocational training teachers who wish to use Mozaïk-Portal and become familiar with the tools and functionalities available in their portal.

Each of the ten self-training modules provides the necessary tools to use Mozaïk-Portal.
  • Introduction to Mozaïk-Portal - GEA/VT;
  • Communication Tools - GEA/VT;
  • Seating Plan and Attendance - GEA/VT;
  • Searching and Consultind Student Record - GEA/VT;
  • Resources - GEA/VT;
  • Evaluation by Group - GEA/VT;
  • Evaluation by Workshop-Group - GEA/VT;
  • Observations and Interventions Monitoring (OIM) - GEA/VT;
  • My Follow-up Events - GEA/VT
  • Student Confidential Files.
  • None
Targeted Clientele
  • Adult general education teachers and vocational training teachers
  • The duration of each module is different, depending on the subject matter.
    • Self-Training is free.