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TOSCA - Individualized Timetables - EN (In person)


At the end of the training, the participant will know how to manage the descriptive data in order to create the master timetable in individualized instruction. The participant will also be able to create the student’s timetables.


In this in person training, the participant will learn how to create a master timetable and the student's timetable. The participant will also become familiar with the concept of setting a master timetable and making changes to the timetable.

This training contains exercises that will be done in JADE-TOSCA.

  • Descriptive data,
    • Teachers,
    • Classrooms,
    • Calendars,
    • Timetable organizations,
    • Disciplines,
    • Workshops;
  • II Master timetable,
    • Student's subject,
    • Student’s timetable.
  • Basic training on TOSCA
Targeted Clientele
  • The administrative staff responsible for the timetables in individualized instruction for both Adult General Education and Vocational Training clientele.
  • 2 days
    • $486 per participant plus taxes
      Minimum of 5 participants required

    Cost from July 1, 2024

    • $510 per participant plus taxes
      Minimum of 5 participants required

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