Mozaïk-Gestion scolaire
Mozaïk-Inscription - Preparing the Online School Re-registration Form - EN (Web)


Understand the process and operations to manage online re-registration at school with Mozaïk.


With the arrival of Mozaïk-Registration, it is now possible for schools to offer student re-registration online.

Then, at the end of this training, you will be able to publish the registration forms online, follow up on the signed registrations and validate the data provided throughout the registration period.

The following topics will be presented :
  • Preparations and prerequisites in GPI;;
  • Publication of forms; 
  • The respondent interface (re-registration form to be completed online);
  • The manager interface (dashboard);
  • Follow-up of registrations in Mozaïk-Inscription;
  • Follow-up of registrations in GPI.
  • Acquisition of Mozaïk-Inscription by your establishment;
  • Practical knowledge of GPI environment.   
Targeted customer
  • Staff involved in the management and process of school re-enrolment.
  • 5 hours (2 blocs of 2 h 30)
    • $250 per participant plus taxes
      Minimum of 5 participants required

    Cost from July 1, 2024

    • $262.50 per participant plus taxes
      Minimum of 5 participants required

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