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TOSCA - Report Editor - EN (Web)


At the end of this training, the participant will be able to copy a GRICS report and modify it according to one’s needs, as well as knowing the different tools and sections of the report editor.


The appearance of the reports can be modified to meet individual needs. To do this, report printing uses graphical print formats. At least one “GRICS format” is offered by each of the productions, but the report editor allows you to create your own print formats.

  • Definition of a report (relationship between print formats and reports, distinction between a generator and a report editor);
  • Use of the report editor (presentation of objects and their properties, modification of the properties of an object, automatic alignment, notion of transparency, etc.);
  • Creation of formats linked to the student's file (directory, labels, collection sheet and verdict),
    • Section,
    • Operating principles of the editor,
    • Method of work,
    • Alignment,
    • Header;
  • Reports management (save reports for later use);
  • Work and printer settings.
  • Basic knowledge of the Windows graphical environment.
Targeted Clientele
  • The staff of a center or a school organization wishing to be able to personalize JADE-TOSCA reports.
  • 4 hours (2 blocks of 2 hours)
    • $200 per participant plus taxes
      Minimum of 5 participants required

    Cost from July 1, 2024

    • $210 per participant plus taxes
      Minimum of 5 participants required

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