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GPI - Horaires - 450 - Individualized Timetable - EN (Web)


This training will provide the necessary prerequisites to use the module and manage the use of workshops and modular courses during the year.


The individualized scheduling module is a complementary tool to the GPI scheduling module. It provides a solution to two needs: the cohabitation of students enrolled in different courses, but supervised simultaneously by the same person, or a variable number of periods being assigned to a student’s course.

After completing this training session, the user will be able to:

  • Edit the various courses tables;
  • Enter and upload the master timetable;
  • Divide a workshop;
  • Edit a student's schedule;
  • Change a student's modular course;
  • Know the links between the different GPI activities.
  • New types of courses;
  • Student course selection;
  • Group planning;
  • Teachers' planned courses;
  • Entering "workshop"-style courses into the master timetable;
  • Assigning courses to students;
  • Dividing the workshops;
  • Students' schedules;
  • Class list;
  • Linking to evaluations;
  • Absences management.
  • Have a working knowledge of the GPI environment;
  • Have completed the following GPI - Schedules training sessions:
  • 050 - Preparations,
  • 150 - Course selection,
  • 221 - Entering the master timetable,
  • 400 - Postassignation,
  • 420 - Transition;
  • Be familiar with the GPI schedule module.
Targeted Clientele
  • Staff involved in the implementation of individualized schedules.
  • 6 hours (2 blocs of 3 hours)
    • $300 per participant plus taxes
      Minimum of 5 participants required

    Cost from July 1, 2024

    • $315 per participant plus taxes
      Minimum of 5 participants required

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